Ayn Leuh is a small village perched on a mountain top in the Middle Atlas right below a natural spring, hence the name ("ayn" means spring in Arabic). The population of a little over 5,000 people is comprised primarily of Berbers from the Beni Mguild tribe and Arabs from the Sahara (southern Morocco). The women's textile cooperative, which has about 24 women participating, was founded in 1977. It consists of three small buildings that house vertical looms used for rug weaving and horizontal looms used for weaving textiles such as blankets. The cooperative helps preserve the traditional art of Moroccan weaving while providing a safe working environment where local women are fairly compensated for their work. Co-op members practice rotating leadership and give half of there earnings back to the cooperative to cover operational and production costs.  

6% of all textile sales from our small collection of rugs, pillowcases, and poufs will be donated to the cooperative as a token of our appreciation for their efforts.